Our Lady of Grace Parish

Parishioner Registration – staying together and daily masses online

May the Lord’s Peace Be With You,

In so many ways we are entering the unknown.  As time progresses it becomes clearer our social distancing measures and the economic slow down accompanying these new practices is not to be fleeting.  And who would ever have imagined a time when it would not be possible to seek the solace of our Eucharist in times of challenge, the calmness of our parish church and our friends with whom we share our faith?  Yet here we are called to stay at home, stay safe to protect ourselves, our community and our world from the spread of this terrible pandemic.

It is in the background of this very environment, that we come to fully understand the wonder of our Faith Community.  As David Haas shares with us in his hymn We are Called:

We are called to act with Justice
We are called to love tenderly
We are called to serve one another
To walk humbly with God

Our Lady of Grace Parish Community invites you to go to our parish website and help us stay together by providing your details so we can reach out to you. Let’s stay connected and lend support to one another.

Simply click on “STAYING TOGETHER” which will take you to a registration page to fill in your details. This will allow us to communicate with you via email with our weekly Credo, Reflections and Prayers, notices and opportunities for support. We are making an effort to build the foundation for our engagement and support of each other as we face this difficult and unknown time.  The Parish Pastoral Council is also working on several other initiatives which we are very excited about and plan to share with everyone as they come together.  All these are small steps, but it is those small steps that lead us on our great journey – but we have to start somewhere!!

We are called each day to share our gifts.  We cannot know how we might be able to help our community, but in coming together to serve one another, we can know we are following in the light of Christ.

Together we will get through this. The website also provides a link to our parish newsletter and a link to our daily live-stream mass.

We thank you for your patience during these times of uncertainty.

Remain blessed!

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Hyginus; and
Our Lady Of Grace Parish Pastoral Council