Social Justice

One of the central pillars of the teachings of the Catholic Church, and by extension Catholic Education, is that of social justice. At Our Lady of Grace we act on this as part of our school ethos.

We are a major contributor to the local St Vincent De Paul’s chapter and through the Spiritual Ministry we support Caritas, the Sisters of the Holy Family mission in the Phillipines, and other Catholic charities. Each Christmas our school families donate items which are put into hampers and donated to St Vincent De Paul. Last Christmas we donated over 70 hampers!

The school is also a long-time supporter of Brother Olly Pickett’s Wheelchairs for Kids charity.

Several times the school has provided the short term loan of a staff member to Warmun Catholic School in the Kimberley. We often have a knitting circle creating blankets for worthy causes and our Reachout group provides meals to school families when the need arises.

Families on means-tested Health Care Cards receive a discount on tuition fees and in any case, fees can be negotiated when the circumstances require it.