Years One to Six

The education of our students encompasses not only what is explicitly taught in the classrooms but also the values and attitudes that are modeled by senior students, school staff and parents.

Our staff members are hand-picked on the basis of their passion for working with children, their knowledge of teaching and learning and their commitment to our faith.

We believe that every child is unique, having his or her individual strengths, interests and needs. Teachers tailor their instruction to meet the needs of all students. In addition, Education Assistants are employed in all classes up to Year One to support the teaching program. Solid foundations are essential for development of all facets of a child’s character and being.

A nurturing classroom environment is a feature of Our Lady of Grace School where we aim to maximize the opportunities for individual attention. We are blessed with a very active parent community with high levels of parent engagement in school life. On any day you will find many parents helping in classrooms and other aspects of school life, further enhancing the learning of our students.

The curriculum at Our Lady of Grace is based on the WA Bishop’s Religious Education units and the Western Australian Curriculum – these are mandated by the Schools’ Curriculum and Standards Authority of WA. We aim for a balanced education and while vitally interested in achieving academic excellence according to each child’s abilities, we are equally concerned with the children’s social and emotional wellbeing.

Our Instrumental Music program is available on a voluntary basis to all children. Tuition in piano, violin, guitar, wind, percussion and brass instruments is available at a fee in addition to their education fees.

A Literacy and Numeracy Program has been developed where specifically designed learning experiences assist all children, from the gifted child to those students requiring extra support. To support this approach we set aside 90 minutes of prime teaching time each morning as Literacy Dedicated Time and a similar 60 minute block purely for Mathematics. During this part of the day interruptions to the school program are minimised as this uninterrupted teaching/learning time is considered to be very important. Of course there is much more to delivering a balanced education than just literacy and numeracy. We have specialist teachers in the fields of Italian, Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts, Library and STEM/Science.

The school has an emphasis on teaching our students to be thinkers and problem solvers; to be capable collaborators and team members and to be competent users of technology as a tool for learning.

Solid foundations are essential for development of all facets of a child’s character and being. A nurturing classroom environment is a feature of the primary years of schooling to maximize the opportunities for individual attention.

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