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Expect more from kids in these difficult times

Studies show that parent expectations are a powerful predictor of student success and wellbeing. As children are required to spend more time at home over the coming months, your expectations about your children’s behaviour and performance are more critical than ever……..

Managing your child’s anxiety

When anxiety becomes overwhelming, it can impact on children’s happiness, wellbeing and ability to learn. There’s so much parents can do to support children and young people who are anxious. Read this helpful  article by Michael Grose for tips on how to manage your child’s anxiety.

Sister Anita

Here at OLG we are so lucky to have our Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth; Sister Anita and Sister Maureen. In the video below, Sister Anita reads one of her favourite stories about resilience, The Deep. If you or your family are struggling in these difficult times, don’t forget to reach out.



Mrs Cutrona

Resilience. It’s ok to make mistakes …..ring a bell? If your little one is struggling with making mistakes then Mrs Cutrona has the perfect book for you!



eSafety Messages

Early Years (Pre-Primary – Year 3)

E Safety Tip One – Take care of my iPad
My iPad will always work well for me because I know how to take good care of it.


E Safety Tip Two
Remember to take creative and physical breaks from your online tasks and activities

E Safety Tip Three Think about people who you feel you can trust
There are trustworthy people in our lives that we can rely on for help and support. We respect each other and rely on each other to help us make good decisions.

E Safety Tip FourWe are careful who we share our personal information with
Although we have a lot of things in common, each person is special and not exactly like anybody else. We need to be careful who we share our personal information with.

E Safety Tip Five
Always ask an adult before doing anything online and get help from a trusted adult if anything worries me online.


Senior (Years 4-6)

Keeping Safe Online


E Safety Tip One
Choose a place at home where you can work, learn and focus.

E Safety Tip Two
Consider resetting your password at regular intervals. If you are gaming on your devices, please ensure you set strong passwords to protect your accounts and only download games from legitimate sites.

E Safety Tip Three
Check with your parents that your family’s Anti-Virus software is set to auto update on your device and other home computers.

E Safety Tip Four
Be aware of emails from unexpected sources.

E Safety Tip Five
Be aware of emails from what appear to be legitimate sources (e.g. teachers or other students) asking for security credentials, etc. Always check these requests directly with your parents.


For any issues or concerns around online safety and/or cyber bullying for your child/ren, please contact Our Lady of Grace E-Safety Officers, Tony Brown and Caress Harmer.